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Red Light Therapy

Skin cells undergo changes due to natural aging, sun and weather exposure or bad habits. Millions of dollars are spent annually in an effort to defy the visible effects of aging and damage.

Urban Image Spa offers the latest technology in red light therapy to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Our technology has light at wavelengths ranging from 640 to 840nm. In this range, the gently pulsing light is capably of penetrate deeply through the dermis, the epidermis and the hypodermis layers of the skin without emitting harmful UVA or UVB rays or heat.

When subdermal cells become exposed to the lights, a number of biological effects take place. Organelles called mitochondria are stimulated to amp up cellular energy production, which enables skin cells to function more efficiently. The lights stimulate arteries in the direct area to release nitric oxide gas, which alerts vessels to dilate.

With blood flow increased, cells and connective tissue receive more vital nutrients. Collagen, elastin and new skin cells are repaired or replaced thanks to the abundance of nutrition.

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Blue Light Therapy

Our Blue Light  technology ranges from 340 nm to 640 nm and helps to remove bacteria and decrease inflammation of your skin, which makes it great for people who suffer from acne.

It can also help reduce rosacea & redness, as the led blue light device, can reduce redness and help with stimulating your blood circulation.

Blue light therapy may help with depression and sleeping disorders.

Want to learn more about our business and the services we offer, such as eyelash extensions with SugarlashPro or nail services? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

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